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Customized wallpaper

Measure the wall in width with a tape measure. Then measure the wall in height. Repeat this in several places, such as at the beginning, middle, and end of your wall. Take the highest point. Now, you have the actual size of the wall. Add another 6 cm to that (both in width and height). You need to add these extra centimetres for cutting loss as no wall is straight. If you are planning to hang the wallpaper on a wall that goes around the corner, add another 10 cm in width to ensure you have sufficient wallpaper.

Suppose you have a very long wall of up to 6 meters, but you only want to put wallpaper on a specific part of the wall (for example to visually demarcate the seating area in the living room). So not from wall to wall, but from ceiling to plinth. Then round the width up to whole sheets (sheet width is 50 cm). This prevents you from having to trim the wallpaper vertically (which is very difficult to do neatly).

Go to the wallpaper that caught your eye. Click the orange button Customize Now and enter the width and height. Take extra cutting loss into account and add 6 cm in width and 6 cm in height (see also How do I measure my wall?). Decide for yourself which part of the wallpaper you want on your wall. Click and drag the wallpaper to the desired position until you are completely happy with it. You immediately see the number of square meters of wallpaper and the price.

Wallpaper material

We use a super quality non-woven wallpaper (155 grams, extra matt, coated). Coated means that the wallpaper has a protective layer that makes it washable. This makes our wallpaper not only suitable for, for example, the living room, bedroom and children's room, but also for humid areas such as the kitchen, toilet and bathroom (provided it is well ventilated). In addition, the wallpaper is light-resistant, so it does not discolour.

We do our utmost to depict the colors of the wallpaper as lifelike as possible on our website. However, the color may differ slightly from the actual product color. This has to do with the way color and light intensity are set on your phone, tablet or computer. Put 10 screens next to each other and the color will appear slightly different on each screen.

Absolutely. The basis of our wallpaper meets the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 requirements. The toner is produced entirely CO2-free. Also, KEK Amsterdam wallpaper is free of formaldehyde and other volatile substances that can harm the environment and health. The wallpaper is, therefore, PVC and vinyl free. Our factory is partially heated with the residual heat from our wallpaper production. To avoid paper waste, we work together with a so-called Paper for Paper Gold supplier. Our production process includes returning paper waste to the paper mill to manufacture new paper.

Apply and remove wallpaper

No, it's certainly not difficult. You apply glue to the wall, so you don't need a wallpapering table. You apply the wallpaper strips dry. You will find clear adhesive instructions on each roll. Make sure that you apply the sheets smoothly and butt (so against each other without overlapping) without using force. If you apply too much force, you stretch the wallpaper a bit, as it were. The wallpaper will then return to its original state after drying. This can cause small seams, and of course you don't want that.

One last tip: don't use too much glue on the wall. If excess glue ends up on the outside of the wallpaper (i.e. on the visible side), remove it as soon as possible with a dry clean tea towel or paper towel. Leaving the glue on for too long can cause dark streaks at the seams.

For our wallpaper, we recommend Perfax Ready & Roll glue for non-woven wallpaper. This is a ready-to-use wallpaper glue. Apply it directly to the wall from a bucket with a large paint roller. The glue is available at any hardware store, do-it-yourself store or wallpaper store.

Removing non-woven wallpaper is very easy, and you don't require a steamer. Even after several years, you still can pull the wallpaper sheets from the wall. However, do this carefully as pieces of wallpaper may not come off straight away. A piece of wallpaper left on the wall? Carefully cut it off with a clean putty knife so that the wall becomes smooth and you can put up new wallpaper.

Warranty & delivery times

We aim to send your custom wallpaper within 3 working days. Your order is sent directly from our supplier, which saves time and is also better for the environment. As soon as the package has left the door, you will receive the track & trace code from DPD.

We use the so-called legal guarantee on all our articles. This means that an item must be in good condition at the time you purchase the item in question from us. In the unlikely event that this is not the case, we will devise a suitable solution as soon as possible. In this context, we would like to refer you to the questions under the heading Complaints. If the wallpaper has already been pasted on the wall, the warranty is void. The invoice you receive in your order confirmation is also your proof of warranty.

Returns & Cancellations

Unfortunately, that is not possible. Because we make wallpaper especially for you in the size you specify, you cannot return the wallpaper. In the unlikely event that you have not measured correctly or you would like to order a different wallpaper, you could consider putting the roll of wallpaper on an online marketplace. That way you might be able to make someone else happy with it. Throwing it away is such a waste.

If you have changed your mind and want to cancel your order, we would like to receive a phone call, email or message via WhatsApp with your name and order number as soon as possible. Then we will see if the cancellation can still be processed. If your order has already been produced and/or shipped, unfortunately we can no longer stop the package.


Although we always pack our orders with care, your package may get damaged during the shipping process. In that case, take a photo of the box and unpack your order. Usually, the product itself stays undamaged. In the unlikely event that the product is damaged, please send us a clear photo with your name and order number. We will ensure that you receive a new product quickly.

We are sure you had read the application instructions carefully before you started hanging the wallpaper. And yet, something went wrong. Don't worry, things happen. Maybe you used too much glue at the seams, making the seams look slightly darker than the rest of the wallpaper. Or you incorrectly cut the wallpaper. Or maybe, you mismeasured your wall, and now, your wallpaper sheet is too short. Whatever the reason, we strive to offer you the best experience. We are here to help you with your problem. Please email us as quickly as possible with a brief description of what went wrong and add your name and order number. Then we think along with you to come to a good solution.

We work with a fantastic supplier who, like us, always strives for the best quality and service. Nevertheless, it can happen that something goes wrong during the production or packaging process. Send us an email with a description of your complaint, plus a few clear photos (preferably a detailed photo and a photo from a bit further away). Then we can properly assess your complaint and we will immediately take it up with the supplier. If it is established that it is a production error, we will send new wallpaper as soon as possible. In the unlikely event that something went wrong when applying the product (by yourself or by a wallpaper professional), we will think along with you about a solution or make you a nice offer to purchase the product again with a discount.

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